Yuvan Shankar Raja had a released an extremely soulful and soul-stirring Islamic indie song yesterday called Yaa Nabi. The song is sung and arranged by Yuvan himself while the composition and the lyrics are by Rizwan. Yuvan had released this song on his YouTube channel U1 Records. AR Rahman who has produced several Islamic tracks in the past has now appreciated Yuvan’s song.  
The English translation to AR Rahman’s Tamil tweet reads as follows - “Enjoy the 'Yaa Nabi' song glorifying (Sal), composed and sung by Yuvan Shankar Rajam directed and co-sung by Rizwan. யுவன் ஷங்கர் ராஜா இசையமைத்து பாடிய "யா நபி" (Sal) புகழ்மாலையை கேட்டு மகிழுங்கள். பாடலை இயற்றி உடன் பாடியிருப்பவர் ரிஸ்வான்.” 
Yuvan Shankar Raja in reply thanked AR Rahman - “Alhamdhulillah thank you so much,means a lot....” This is not the first time that AR Rahman has appreciated Yuvan’s work. The Mozart of Madras has praised the little maestro's work during the audio launches of Mariyaan and Saroja.