The highly anticipated fifth season of Bigg Boss Tamil has finally kickstarted in style and the inaugural episode is on air on Vijay TV and Disney Hotstar OTT platform. Kamal Haasan will continue as the host of the show for the fifth consecutive time and it is going to be exciting to see how he handles the contestants this time. As Bigg Boss has started, the answer to the million-dollar question is now finally known. Yes! The final list of confirmed contestants of this season would be known by the end of today (October 4) and having said that, here is the first contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil: Season 5.

Isaivani, a popular Tamil singer, is the first contestant who has entered the Bigg Boss house and her entry was just officially confirmed. Kamal Haasan welcomed Isaivani and greeted her with positive words, wishing her good luck for her journey inside the house. Isaivani is known to be a fun-filled personality and her energy as a singer will definitely give a sense of freshness inside the Bigg Boss house. Isaivani is a popular Tamil gana singer who has crooned a few super hit songs in Tamil cinema. She had lent her voice for the recent hit track, 'Vambula Thumbula' from Arya's Sarpatta Parambarai, directed by Pa Ranjith.

Isaivani is a prominent member of the popular Tamil band, 'The Casteless Collective', started by Pa Ranjith and Tenma. 'I am Sorry Ayyappa', and 'Beef Song' are some of the popular songs crooned by Isaivani for The Casteless Collective. It is going to be quite interesting to see how Isaivani uses the platform of Bigg Boss to her strengths. The other contestants of this season will be revealed in the next few hours. Bigg Boss 5 Tamil will definitely be a great source of entertainment for the Tamil audience for the next 100 days and we can expect the show to garner wide attention on social media, as always.