Sin is hot trending Hindi web-series directed by Arunava Khasnobis which talks about mysterious death of a young girl in the hills triggers a suspicious investigation that reveals the alleys of a high-profile organized crime in Kolkata, involving Drugs, sex-trafficking and murders. The journey will be fatal, and fantasies will trouble you. Shot extensively in Kolkata and other parts of Bengali, Sin seems to have all the right ingredients of an investigation drama including sex, drugs, and deep criminal conspiracies and holds the promise of depicting an assertive blend of crime detection, raw fantasy, and millennial lifestyle. The story revolves around the mysterious death of a young girl in the hills, which triggers a suspicious investigation that reveals the whereabouts of a high-profile organised crime in Kolkata, involving drugs, sex-trafficking and murders. While a reluctant police officer meanders through the maze of missing clues and a troubled past, a young couple gets entangled into a journey to explore their carnal fantasies.

The exploration reveals a dark secret leaving both the couple and the police officer disoriented and at the brink of collapse. "SIN is an investigation drama shot originally in Hindi and the story is built with a fast pace narrative involving quick plot twists with the parallel development of the investigation and build-up of a crime. The uniqueness of the series lies in its story and a tight script. While the script did demand intense intimate scenes, the audience will surely appreciate the aesthetics and weaving of the same into the story," feels Arunava. The makers have now released a new promo for the web-series, check it out