A rumour had sprung up on Thursday stating Shakeela had passed away, which the actress has now dismissed in a video. The actress released a video on social media informing fans about her health and brushed away the talk about her demise. She added that she has been receiving calls from several fans and close friends about her health and well-being. In a video that has now gone viral, Shakeela states, "Hi, hello, Greetings to everybody.  I heard some news yesterday that I am no more. Of course, not and nothing like that. I am here and very healthy, very happy, with a big smile on my face. Thanks to the care Kerala has given me. Somebody gave a bad news, sad news about me. But, I'm getting so many calls and so much love from you guys. Thank you very much. Thank you for the sad news the person gave because he made you all look at me again." Watch Shakeela's clarification below: 

A former adult star, Shakeela was a highly popular name during the 1990s, but went on to garner massive fame once again after her appearances on Vijay Television's smash hit cooking reality show, Cooku with Comali. The actress, who was fondly called as Amma by several contestants, was given a new lease of life on Cooku with Comali season 1, emerging as the first runner-up and has since become a beloved figure among household viewers across Tamil Nadu. Born to Chan Basha and Chan Begum in Madras, Shakeela became a breadwinner for the family as she had six siblings. She eventually entered the entertainment industry and forayed into soft-porn movies, which also went on to be dubbed across several Indian languages. Shakeela made a transition to character roles in mainstream feature films and made the announcement in 2012 that she would not be appearing any further in soft-porn movies. It is to be noted that Shakeela had also adopted a transgender daughter Milla.