Director Rathna Kumar is who is part of Thalapathy Vijay’s Master as an additional screenplay and dialogue writer. As we know Rathna Kumar is a huge fan of Vijay and he has been assisting his friend director Lokesh Kanagaraj to fine-tune the overall outcome of Master. Rathna Kumar occasionally gives an update about Master, not really an update but more like a hint about the release plans of the Master team. He hinted about the first and second look later also gave a scoop about the first single. So, Vijay fans are now keenly looking up to his profile for the next update.  
Even actor Shanthnu takes to his Twitter space now and then to share a word or two about Master. Recently, he tweeted saying the first single ‘oru kutti kadhai’ will be uber cool and he is already in love with the song. The much-awaited track will be released tomorrow for valentine's day. Vijay fans are flooding all the social forums with memes related to director Rathna Kumar and Shanthnu. Both the stars are however having fun toiling with Vijay fans. Shanthnu and Rathna Kumar had a fun conversation on Twitter, check out what they have to say to each other – Shanthnu: “@MrRathna bro namma dhan meme creators ku content nenekren.” And Rathna Kumar’s reply was - “Update Kudukuravangaluku #Master Ticket tharen nu sonnengale. Athu Firstclass aa illa Balcony aa. Enniki veluka poraanga nu theriyala bro @imKBRshanthnu.” 
 ShantnuRathna Kumar
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