It is well known across the globe that Superstar Rajinikanth is the King of Kollywood and one of the biggest stars not just in India but across the world! He has an avid fan following in many countries and almost every new movie of his is celebrated by fans and audiences everywhere! Whatever he says becomes the headline. He still hasn’t taken a firm call on his political journey but his fans association has been doing good deeds under his name for the past few years. Superstar has now issued a statement to thank all his fans and association members who have worked hard to help the people of Tamil Nadu during this Corona crisis. 
 Rajinikanth - ''Sadharana Adi illa... Pisasu Thanamaana Asura Adi''Rajinikanth - ''Sadharana Adi illa... Pisasu Thanamaana Asura Adi''
One of the most-deadly pandemics of recent times is the COVID-19 Corona Virus, that has been sweeping the world, leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands seriously ill, in its wake. Though India has also been affected, some people are taking things lightly. Rajini has also emphasized the fact the impact of Corona will affect even the future generation. Few points that Rajinikanth said in his statement are, “I praise all my fans and association members who have toiled so hard during this crisis to help the underprivileged. The true pain of Corona cannot be felt now, even well-developed countries are suffering and finding it hard to cope up with the disease. This is not like any other pandemic we have faced before; the impact of Corona will affect even our future generations to come. 
The least we can do now is be responsible, be safe, take care of our family needs and ensure their safety. Social distancing is the need of the hour and don’t forget to wear a mask when you step out of your house. Always remember that there is no life without good health.”
Rajinikanth - ''Sadharana Adi illa... Pisasu Thanamaana Asura Adi''