Producer, distributor, exhibitor and director KR (Keyaar) has been in the cinema industry for over 40 years and he has seen quite a few changes happening around him, over the duration of his career. Recently, we got to have an exclusive interview with him and he shared about a lot of things, including why he doesn't want Thalapathy Vijay's Master to release immediately after the lockdown is lifted! One of the topics we spoke about was what the actors can do to help producers, especially during these tough times. KR stated that actors, especially heroes need not reduce their salaries to help out the producers!

KR feels that the biggest financial burden for producers is paying the salaries of the actors outright and hence requested that the actors go into an agreement with the producer for taking just a token advance and recovering the remainder of their salaries by holding onto the dubbing, remake, digital and satellite rights of the project! He feels that this would be beneficial to both the actors and the producers. KR feels that in such scenarios, the producers will not have to invest huge sums and they will save a lot on the interest amount and the value of the rights would also increase with the backing of the heroes behind it! Talking about those who came forward and announced that they are willing to reduce their are actually those who might fear about not getting their payments from their producers. He also questioned if leading actors like Rajinikanth, Vijay and Ajith had come forward to reduce their salaries... Explaining about his idea, KR says that the Telugu movie Sarileru Neekevvaru followed this principle of sharing the profits from the rights and that it worked successfully and can be implemented in Tamil Cinema as well!

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