Nikki Fresh is an upcoming comedy series that follows the life of Nicole Richie who unites her passions for Mother Earth and hip hop into her eponymous alter ego, Nikki Fre$h. Nicole Richie interacts with real-life wellness experts while exaggerating solutions in a fun way to better health and a healthier planet. Nikki Fresh stars Richie in the lead who also happens to be the executive producer of the show. This new comedy series strives to bring her own social conscious, educational brand of rap to the world.  
Quibi has just released the trailer which sees Richie pitching her new brand to her real-life husband Joel Madden and his brother and fellow member of band Good Charlotte, Benji Madden. The series is executive produced by Richie, Michael Baum and Carrie Franklin. Executive producers for JAX Media are Lilly Burns, Tony Hernandez and Seamus Murphy-Mitchell. Nikki also interacts with real life seekers and consciousness experts to learn ways to better serve our bodies and our planet. The series goes live on April 6, now check out the trailer: