According to latest reports from media houses, the Nazarathpettai Police Inspector has submitted his final report on actress Chitra’s suicide case. The report was submitted to the Madras High Court this morning (January 20) and during the hearing, the Police report stated that Chitra died due to Hemnath’s behaviour. It is said that Hemnath did not approve of Chitra’s romantic scenes in her serial (Pandian Stores) and also doubted her character and behaviour in real life. Due to immense pressure and constant doubts and questions from Hemnath, Chitra is said to have taken this decision. Hemnath is already in police custody on the grounds of abetment of suicide and he will continue to be in prison for the next few days.

The next hearing regarding the case will take place on February 2 and more details are expected to be known on that date. Hemnath had requested for bail claiming that he doesn’t have any connection with Chitra’s demise, but the latest statements from Police and Chitra’s parents state otherwise. In addition, Hemnath’s friend, Syed Rohith has also filed his petition against Hemnath, in support of Chitra. Rohith recently came out in front of the media and revealed some of the shocking facts and incidents about Chitra and Hemnath.

Rohith is a mutual friend of the couple and has seen them together closely for the past few months. Very recently, Rohith released a few audios - phone conversations that he had with Hemnath after Chitra’s death and the audio went viral on social media. Chitra’s fans were shocked and heartbroken listening to the audio. Having said that, Hemnath has now shared another audio file in which he is seen talking to Chitra. In this audio, Rohith requests Chitra to come soon to see Hemnath because he injured himself.

According to Rohith, Chitra and Hemnath had an argument and at that time, Hemnath injured himself, not being able to control his anger. Rohith requests Chitra to come home soon as Hemnath doesn’t listen to him. From what we listen to in this audio, it looks like Chitra has undergone a lot of emotional blackmailing from Hemnath and her fans are expressing their anger over Hemnath on social media. We could also hear Chitra shedding tears and crying, in this phone conversation and it makes you feel emotional. Check out the audio below: