The wait is on as the countdown has begun for Netflix's Money Heist season 5, which has been announced to come out in two installments of five episodes each. Netflix had revealed in an exciting and action-packed teaser promo that the upcoming final season's volume 1 will premiere on September 3, while volume 2 will be streaming from December 3, 2021. As the world gears up to witness everyone's favorite thieves once again in Money Heist season 5, we shall also be getting to know the fate of Sergio Marquina, who plays The Professor / Salvador "Salva" Martín, after he is tracked and caught by Najwa Nimri as Alicia Sierra towards the end of season 4. The mastermind behind all the heists, The Professor has gone on to become a fan favorite, with talks about a spin-off on the character also coming up frequently over time. 

During a virtual set visit, Money Heist's executive producer Jesus Colmenar spoke to Indian Express on why there's no certainty in delving into the Professor's backstory any further. He said, "Would I do a spin-off of The Professor? Maybe, but it’s already in Money Heist. I mean: his story, his reasons, his why… is already going to be told in Money Heist. Spin-offs (work) of a very secondary character who attracts a lot of attention work, and you can create a new series based on their story." Similarly, Alex Pina, Money Heist's creator and showrunner acknowledged Jesus' words stating, "When you make a spin-off, it has to be about a totally different universe, and you have to put the focus elsewhere. On the one hand, you could make a spin-off of every character in Money Heist because they all have enough for a series, but at the same time I think that Money Heist already tells their stories."