The Novel Corona Virus - COVID 19 had almost got the whole world under shutdown mode for the past few months and all places. Even now, the situation looks so bad but all the governments have relaxed the lockdown rules in order to save their economy. Having said that, places where the public gather in huge numbers are still kept shutdown to prevent the virus from spreading. Theatre associations are doing their bit to resolve this issue, they have been in touch with the government to reopen all the theatres with a proper preventive measure. A lot of aspiring actors are suffering because the Nadigar Sangam (actor’s association) is not functioning due to postponement of associations’ election counting. So, no relief measures have been taken to save these struggling actors. Kadambur Raju, Minister for Information and Publicity spoke to the media on what help they can provide to save aspiring actor’s livelihood and when will all the theatre reopen? 
 When will theatres re-open in Tamil Nadu? | Official Statement from Minister
“A film producer council is like any retail seller organization. Producer council is a private organization, they along with theatre owners, distributors and all the associations related the film industry, should discuss their issues along with actor’s union which has not been functioning right now. The Government will help to solve the issues between these organizations. Places like temples, shopping malls, theatre are were people gather in masses which increases the risk of Corona spread. So, none of the states in India have permitted for theatres to open. Even Central Government has restricted the opening of movie theaters. When Tamil Nadu contains Corona completely and when our honorable Chief Minister feels it is essential to open the theatres, that’s when our Government can take a call on reopening theatres.” - Kadambur Raju