The current tough times brought on by the outbreak of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, has seen us getting to know of quite a few heart-wrenching as well as heart-warming incidents! One such wonderful incident has now come to light! Apparently, a man who stole a bike to travel 200 kms to his native with his wife and kid, has returned the stolen bike to its rightful owner, by courier! Suresh Kumar owns a lathe workshop in Sulur village, near Coimbatore! His bike got stolen on May 18th and when he approached the Police Station to lodge a complaint, he was informed that all the Policemen were busy with COVID duty and hence they would not be able to search for his stolen bike immediately!

Man who stole bike to return to his native, returns it to owner by courier!

However, not one to give up, Suresh Kumar sources some CCTV footage from the area where his bike got stolen and began showing those clips around and identified the person who stole his bike as being Prashanth, who had come there from Mannargudi and had been working in a teashop somewhere close to Suresh's workshop. When Prashanth lost his job due to the COVID lockdown, he had apparently stolen the bike to take his wife and kid back to their native town. The news of Suresh's enquiries eventually reached Prashanth through one of his co-workers and not wanting to get caught, Prashanth has sent back the Hero Honda Splendor bike to Suresh, through a parcel agency. However, Prashanth had only paid Rs. 13,400 towards the parcel charges and Suresh had to pay an additional Rs. 1,400 as the value of the bike was higher. An elated Suresh is happy that he has gotten back his bike and has also withdrawn the Police complaint he had given.