Mera Bhai is the latest music video to be released on the popular channel Zee Music Company and the video stars Bhavin Bhanushali, Vishal Pandey, Vikas Naidu, Bhavika Sahajramani and Monadhoke as lead characters. Composed and penned by Vikas Naidu, Mera Bhai is sung by Vikas Naidu and Shubham Singh Rajput. Mera Bhai is directed by Vikas Naidu as well and produced by Next Volume Production. Music Production is done by Sugat Dhanvijay of Tracklab Studio, the camera is handled by Pranav Nimgade and the editing is done by Varun Arora. Vivek Umredkar is the executive producer, Varun Arora of Imaginationz Studio is in charge of DI, F1 Digital has done the artwork and costumes are given by Swag Boutique And Now N Wow. Jatin Soni, Sahil Hussain and Mushahid Hussain are part of the production team. Check out the music video below,

Mera BhaiMera Bhai
Mera Bhai - Official Music Video | Bhavin Bhanushali | Vishal Pandey | Vikas Naidu | Shubham Singh