In a tragic incident, Malayalam model and actress Sahana was found dead in her residence on Thursday in Kozhikode. The police have taken her husband Sajjad into custody in connection with the case as part of the investigation. Sahana had celebrated her 22nd birthday on Thursday and was found dead on the same night, with her family alleging that she had suffered domestic abuse and was killed by her husband. Speaking to the press, the police said that Sahana and Sajjad got married nearly one and a half years back. Sahana's mother told Mathrubhumi News, "My daughter would never die by suicide, she was murdered. She used to complain to me that her husband was beating her, and not properly feeding her. She was tortured. She was murdered. The police must investigate and give justice to my daughter." 

Sahana was seen in a few notable commercials and advertisements for jewelry stores, while also making an appearance in a film. An investigating officer told media persons, "Earlier, Sajjad was employed in Qatar, but has been without any work here. Recently, Sahana had acted in a film and an argument ensued between the two over the money she had received for her work." On the other hand, Sajjad has claimed that Sahana was found dead in the bathroom. Their landlord told Mathrubhumi News, "I heard Sajjad’s call for help and I rushed to the house. When I entered the house, I saw his wife lying on his lap. When I asked him what happened, he said she was not responding. So I asked him to take her to the hospital. We then called the police and they reached here within five minutes."