In what has come as shocking news to many, Malayalam actress Revathy Sampath has taken to social media to bring to light 14 men who had allegedly sexually abused her. The popular actress released the list of the 14 persons in a detailed Facebook post among whom included notable names from the Malayalam film industry like actor Siddique and director Rajesh Touchriver, while also sharing their photos. 

Taking to her Facebook page, Revathy Sampath stated that she is mentioning the names of her abusers' professional/personal/cyber spaces who have molested her sexually, mentally, verbally and emotionally, while adding that she will continue to keep registering her voice again and again. She also named a DYFI leader named Nandu Ashokan in the alleged sexual offenders' list. Below are the names of the persons: 

1. Rajesh Touchriver (Director)
2. Siddique (Actor)
3. Ashiq Mahi (Photographer)
4. Shiju A. R (Actor)
5. Abhil Dev (Kerala Fashion League, Founder)
6. Ajay Prabhakar (Doctor)
7. M. S. Padush (Abuser)
8. Saurabh Krishnan (Cyber Bully)
9. Nandu Ashokan (Abuser, DYFI Unit Committee Member, Nedumkad)
10. Maxwell Jose (Short Film Director)
11. Shanoob Karuvath & Chackos Cakes (Ad Director)
12. Rakent Pai, Cast Me Perfect (Casting Director)
13. Sarun Leo (ESAF Bank Agent, Valiyathura)
14. Sub Inspector Binu (Poonthura Police Station, Trivandrum)

In her next post, Revathy shared the photos of the above-mentioned persons and stated that there are many women who have faced harassment from those on the list. As the Patnagarh actress’ post is going viral on social media, there are many who have raised the question as to whether she is doing this to garner publicity, while some others have suggested her to initiate legal action.