Famous Macedonian music composer, singer and Television host Dragan Vučić passed away yesterday, May 4th. He was 65 years old and died due to complications of Covid-19. His most famous song is Odlazim (Nikom nije nocas kao meni) which means I’m going away. Dragan was born in Skopje. He composed numerous pop hits such as Svirete Ja Zajdi Zajdi, Angeli Me Nosat and Kazi Zvezdo. In the 1990s he was the lead singer of the pop-folk band Koda. He composed the song Make My Day, chosen to represent Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005. Later in his career he started hosting various tv shows on Kanal 5. 
Dragan is best known to Eurovision fans as the composer of the then-F.Y.R. Macedonia entry for Eurovision 2005 – “Make My Day” – performed by his son Martin, which finished 17th in that year’s Eurovision final. We express our deepest condolences to the family of the departed.