Khushbu Sundar opens up on abuse by her father when she was a child, shares about the support she gets from husband Sundar. C (EXCLUSIVE)

Khushbu Sundar Opens Up On Abuse By Her Father When She Was A Child, Shares About The Support She Gets From Husband Sundar. C (EXCLUSIVE) - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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Tamil actress -turned-politician Khushbu Sundar has been outspoken about many social and political issues over the years. In 2023, she made revelations about the sexual abuse she faced as a child by her father, which sparked a huge reaction, with many praising her for her act of courage. In that light, Khushbu recently sat down with Galatta for an exclusive podcast interview to talk about the incident and also open up on the long-standing support she has gotten from her filmmaker husband Sundar. C and her family. 

Khusbhu started off by saying, "I've never been close to my father. I haven't seen him from the age of 16. I don't know whether he's there or no more. I'm not even bothered about it." Explaining the reason to talk about her personal life in a public space, she said, "It's been there within my heart somewhere. It keeps poking you all your life. Everyday morning you wake up and it's there within you. So, by keeping that burden within yourself... In today's times, what we say as a NCW member or even as a woman, what I tell everyone is, talk about it immediately."

Khushbu continued, "If I'm speaking about it after so many years, I was holding back probably because it was my father. In some way, my mother and family are involved, but this didn't come as a big surprise to my husband or children as they are aware about it. After talking about this, it makes you feel very light. And, if I can inspire 2-3 other people to speak up... because when there is such an abuse, 95% of the abuse comes from the family. The remaining 5% comes from the people outside. So, most of the time family members will tell you not to speak about these things publicly and I want women to come and talk. A perpetrator is a perpetrator and he needs to be punished irrespective of who he is." 

Speaking about the strong support she has received from husband Sundar. C since the days when they were lovers, Khusbhu stated, "It's a very open relationship. There's no hide and seek between us. There are no secrets that will surface three years later. Nothing as such. It's very clear. From day one, we have been very clear with each other. Honesty is the best policy." She added, "My husband is a very understanding man. I've told about this to him. Even during the time when we were lovers, I told him that such an incident took place. He was very supportive. And, when I see him with his daughters today, I'm so proud of him. He's the best father a child could ever find. His entire world is his children. I come only after that. His world starts with Avantika and ends with Anandita. You will find me somewhere at the tail end." 

Watch Khushbu Sundar get candid about her life in the Galatta podcast video below: