A couple of days ago, popular producer, director and distributor Keyaar had issued a press release asking big films like Master to not release soon after theatres open post lockdown phase. We at Galatta Media got in touch with Keyaar for an exclusive interview to get his detailed view on this issue. 
“To watch a movie, you need to be inside a closed theatre for close to two and half hours and it becomes difficult for the audience to sit through without air conditioning for such long hours in the present weather conditions. When it comes to Vijay, Ajith, Suriya or Rajini sir’s films, their investments are huge and they can’t recover the cost with just 50% revenue. That’s why a film like Master cannot release during in situation. And moreover, when someone gets transmitted with the virus while watching Master, and suppose 7 people get infected by corona because of watching a Vijay film, that will put the entire theatre industry at risk.” 
 ''What if people get corona while watching Vijay's Master''''What if people get corona while watching Vijay's Master''
Not only Keyaar, even industry experts and several producers have been insisting the same. Few other points that Keyaar emphasized were to reduce the salary of actors and the removal of taxes for film industry for 3 months' time. You can watch the full interview using the link below: