Actor-politician Kamal Haasan has been managing his time between his film commitments, including serving as the host on the hit reality TV show Bigg Boss Tamil season 4, while also voicing his opinions on the various political developments in the state and across the country. Having launched his Needhi Maiam political party in early 2018, the veteran actor has been speaking on various issues in Tamil Nadu, while also informing fans and followers on the steps he and his party men are taking in preparation of the campaign for the upcoming 2021 Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly election. Having said that, Kamal Haasan has now appeared in a video speaking in support of Anna University Vice-Chancellor MK Surappa after the Tamil Nadu government ordered an inquiry against him over corruption allegations.

On Friday, MK Surappa moved the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court seeking to be impleaded in a Public Interest Litigation (PIL)  earlier this week challenging a government order for an inquiry against him over allegations of corruption. Kamal's latest statement is as follows: "Vanakkam. When Mr. Surappa was appointed as the Vice-Chancellor of Anna University, 'Isn't anyone in Thamizh Nadu qualified for this post?' We only raised this question. The question holds good now as well. There is no change in our stand. But, Mr. Surappa is an honest man. He didn't give in to authoritative pressure. He wanted to elevate the quality of education standards in Engineering in Thamizh Nadu. But will our 'corruption collective' let that happen? They break anyone who won't bend to their Will. Based on an anonymous letter of a spineless coward, they have formed an Enquiry Commission. When that proved fruitless, they spent people's money to publish ads, waiting in hope to uncover discrepant details. Have the illegal occupants of Anna University and those who misused the University's vehicles been enquired? 'The minister for the Department of Higher Education demands bribes of Rs. 60 lakhs for the appointment of Professors', alleged Mr. Balaguruswami in an article. Have you enquired that? 'The ministers of Department of Local Governance, Department of animal husbandry, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Milk and Dairy Development Department are corrupt' exclaimed social commentators, the media and the opposition parties every day. Have you enquired that?" 

Kamal Haasan continues, "Conducting examinations and announcing results is the job of an educator. Why are corrupt politicians poking their nose here as well? Are those who bought bribes for votes trying to buy out students with marks? We may differ from Mr. Surappa's policy bias and political ideology, but when one is hunted down for his honesty, I, Kamal Haasan, won't be a mere spectator. Makkal Needhi Maiam, which is a meeting ground for honest people won't be a mere spectator either. This isn't the problem just between an educator and politicians. The war is between an honest individual and a collection of corrupt politicians. If you refuse to participate in our corruption, we will destroy your life is the message. We will spread false information and will deform your identity, is the threat to Mr. Surappa and other such honest officials."

In conclusion, Kamal states, "From Mr. Sahayam to Mr. Santhosh Babu, the list of the victims to the corrupt politician's 'blacklist' is huge. When high ranking officials get tired of fighting with them and seek voluntary retirement, what is the state of ordinary citizens? We must not let this continue anymore. We must not create another Nambi Narayanan. In the battle between honesty and corruption, I urge those who stand by the truth to break your silence and speak up now. We must be the voice of the voiceless. Honesty is our only asset. The 'corruption' collective wants to profit off of that too. They must be eradicated from their roots. Truth only triumphs. Tomorrow is Ours. Jai Hind."

Watch Kamal Haasan expressing his support for Mr. Surappa in the video below: