Blockbuster Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron's Avatar continues to stand tall as the highest-grossing film of all-time, with four sequels already announced since then among which the Terminator director has wrapped up filming on the next two films. Apart from the grand visuals and the larger-than-life scope of the upcoming epic science fiction action films, Don't Breathe actor Stephen Lang, who starred as the villain in the first Avatar in 2009, recently in an interview to Entertainment Weekly (EW) spoke about his role in the next two sequels. 

Speaking to EW, Stephen Lang said, "I was in communication just last week with New Zealand, with my director, and everything's great — he's working hard. My acting work on both Avatar 2 and 3 is complete. I might have to go back and do a line here and there, but I'm really done." As of now, the extent of Lang's role in the next two Avatar sequels remains unknown, but it is being speculated that he will continue to appear as the prime antagonist once again for the rest of the franchise. 

Avatar 2 is scheduled to come out on the big screens in December 2022, while Avatar 3 has been announced for a 2024 release, with production on both ventures currently underway. As of now, reports state that a significant portion of Avatar 4 is also being shot along with the next two sequels. Although not much is known about the additional sequels - Avatar 4 and Avatar 5, early reports suggest Avatar 2 will likely revolve around Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) forming a family to do everything to stay together. Furthermore, it is being stated that the duo will be forced to leave their home and thereafter go on to explore the various landscapes of Pandora. 

James Cameron had last year unveiled Avatar 2 concept art which showed several new regions, including a  Pandoran sea. In that light, the Avatar social media handles shared on Monday a collage of set photos of the creative minds behind Avatar 2, while dedicating the post to the film's New Zealand crew and the entire NZ film industry. Check it out below: 


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