The fans of Cook with Comali television show were quite disappointed last week that the Sunday episode got cancelled due to the Bigg Boss grand finale. Cook with Comali regularly gets aired at 6.30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays and last week, the episode was aired only on Saturday. The Sunday episode was cancelled due to the Bigg Boss grand finale which was aired from 6 PM. Following that, the fans of Cook with Comali will now get to watch only one episode, this week as well and it has come as a sad news for them. If it was Bigg Boss last week, it is going to be Super Singer: Season 8, this time.

Yes! The inaugural special program of Super Singer: Season 8 will be telecasted on January 24, coming Sunday morning from 11 AM. This special marathon episode will run for 9 hours in total and that indeed tells us that Cook with Comali’s new episode won’t be aired. The last week’s Sunday episode of Cook with Comali will now be aired on coming Saturday (January 23) at 6.30 PM and probably, the show will get back to its routine schedule from January 30. With the Cook with Comali’s Sunday episodes getting cancelled in consecutive weeks, the fans of the show look highly disappointed and everyone is sharing their thoughts about it on social media.

There is no doubt that Cook with Comali has turned out to be one of the biggest successful stories in Vijay TV’s history and it has attracted a huge viewership. The interesting mix of cookery and comedy has worked in the favour of the show and thanks to the light hearted treatment and packaging of the show, it has managed to earn a phenomenal fan base. The main star attraction of the show happens to be the comalis, who make the show what it is now. Due credits to Pugazh, Sivangi, Bala, Manimegalai, Sunitha Gogoi, Sarath, and others.

On the other hand, we have also had some interesting and highly talented cooks including Baba Baskar Master, Ashwin Kumar, Kani Thiru, Shakeela, and others. Ashwin Kumar has turned out to be a social media sensation, becoming one of the most loved contestants in the show. His combination with Sivangi has a separate fan base and those who have been following the show would know about it.