Cook with Comali sensation Ashwin Kumar, in his recent exclusive interview with Galatta Media, shared his honest thoughts about Sivaangi, with whom he participated in the show. Ashwin and Sivaangi's pairing was one of the biggest highlights of Cook with Comali and the pair was widely loved by the audience. The duo was adorably addressed as Ashaangi on social media. In our recent interview, we asked Ashwin to share a few words about Sivaangi and the young actor was very open about his thoughts. Ashwin was all praise for Sivaangi and mentioned that he had the best time, pairing with her.

Talking about it, Ashwin said, "She is always playful and I guess the audience loved to watch that side of her. That is why she was adored by everyone. Be it the way she asks doubts, be it her body language, be it the expressions, she is completely herself and there is no faking at all. Even off the camera, she is the same playful girl that people see on the television. She was herself in the entire show and that was reality. I literally enjoyed being around her. I was laughing around seeing her gimmicks and funny expressions.

She has a great timing sense. Sivaangi is my well-wisher and I am her well-wisher too. I will definitely lend my best possible support to her whenever she needs and vice versa will also be there. We will have that rapport forever. She genuinely supports me. More than anyone, she celebrated me and kept motivating me. She was a bundle of positive energy".

Ashwin Kumar will be making his debut in Tamil as a lead hero with the upcoming Tamil film, Enna Solla Pogirai which will be going on floors from the third week of July. The film is currently in the final leg of pre-production and let's hope that the film gives a good start for Ashwin. Enna Solla Pogirai is a triangular love story, directed by debutant Hari Haran and produced by Ravindran under the banner of Trident Arts.