Ace comedian and actor Vivekh was last seen in Harish Kalyan’s Dharala Prabhu and his performance as Dr Kannadaasan in the film was widely raved by the critics, general audience and celebrities. Vivekh has now shared a new video to create an awareness among the people regarding Corona virus. In this new video, Vivekh emphasizes on the importance of wearing face masks when people go out to buy essentials. He said, “We have been on a lockdown for the past 25 days and it is going to continue for the next 20 days.


Compared to other countries, India isn’t badly affected and it is only because all of us followed the rules and guidelines advised by our Government. This second lockdown is the most important phase and we should follow it honestly. The coming days are the real challenge and we should safeguard ourselves. It is very important for every single person to wear face masks when he/she goes out.

vivekh video

Only when we wear the masks, our mouth and nose will be protected and it is important that we do it as a precaution. We should wear the masks in such a way that it covers our mouth and nose. You should definitely wear it if you are going out. Let us wear the masks and protect ourselves from the virus.” Check out the video below: