Today's episode of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil will happen in a court setup and all the housemates will take part in this task. Each contestant has been asked to file his/her complaints against another contestant with a valid reason. The complaint will be heard in the court and the issue will be sorted out. The new wildcard entrant, RJ Suchi will be the Judge of this task. In the earlier released first promo, we saw Balaji and Sanam explaining their respective sides about the recent 'kick' controversy. Their fight turned out to be sensational and it created a huge buzz on social media. In the second promo, we saw Suresh and Sanam talking about their issues against each other.

What came as a surprise was Balaji's move who decided to extend his support to Sanam Shetty, instead of Suresh who was his close friend. It could probably be Balaji's strategy as well.

Meanwhile, Vijay TV has now released the third promo and this one is a follow up to that. Rio talks for Suresh Chakravarthy while Balaji Murugadoss talks for Sanam Shetty. Both of them keep their points forward. Towards the end of the promo, Suchi, the judge, says that the verdict is in favour of Sanam Shetty. Suresh Chakravarthy is seen disappointed and is controlling his anger. He asks everyone to keep their mouths shut and he also does that. Tune into Vijay TV or Disney + Hotstar tonight at 9.30 PM to watch the program.

This weekend's Bigg Boss eviction involves 7 people in the nomination and the list includes Aari, Archana, Anitha Sampath, Suresh Chakravarthy, Som Shekhar, Balaji Murugadoss and Sanam Shetty. For now, check out the third promo of tonight's episode here: