As we all know, the evicted contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 have re-entered the house to spend time with the finalists. Archana, Aranthangi Nisha, Rekha, Sanam Shetty, Jithan Ramesh, Samyuktha, Suchitra, Aajeedh, Vel Murugan, Anitha Sampath were the ones who entered the house so far. In tonight’s (January 15) episode, we will be witnessing the entry of none other than Shivani Narayanan, who got evicted last week. Shivani was the last person to be evicted this season and her eviction made people in the house emotional because she had just started to deliver her best. She was known for being the light hearted and fun-loving girl who never developed any hatred or spread negativity in the house.

Shivani has now re-entered the house and a glimpse of her entry is shown in the latest promo that has been released by the makers. In this promo, we see Shivani being hidden inside a closed parcel and kept in the storeroom. Initially, the housemates think that it is their lunch, but when they peep into the parcel, they find Shivani inside and everyone is pleasantly surprised. Shivani instantly hugs Samyuktha and Sanam Shetty who are near her. We also see her reunite with Ramya Pandian, who was one of her closest friends in the house. She also hugs Archana.

Shivani sees her special friend, Balaji and just says a ‘hi’, but Balaji doesn’t seem to respond properly. He is also seen walking away from Shivani towards the end of the promo. It looks like Balaji has gotten very emotional seeing Shivani back again. We will have to wait until the full episode to know what was processing inside Balaji’s mind. Did Balaji miss Shivani or was he angry with her for some reason? Well, let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for the episode.

Meanwhile, in last night’s episode, we saw Gabriella walking out of the Bigg Boss house with the cash money of Rs. 5 Lakhs, thereby reducing the number of finalists to five. As per the current situation, Ramya Pandian, Rio Raj, Som Shekar, Aari, and Balaji Murugadoss are in contention for becoming the title winner and going by the online buzz, it looks like Aari has a fair chance of winning. However, for now, check out the newly released promo of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil featuring Shivani Narayanan here: