'Ayalaan' making video: Sivakarthikeyan explains the reason that got him excited to make the sci-fi film - WATCH

'Ayalaan' Making Video: Sivakarthikeyan Explains The Reason That Got Him Excited To Make The Sci-fi Film - WATCH - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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Leading Tamil actor Sivakarthikeyan's latest film Ayalaan is winning hearts among audiences everywhere and crossed the 50 crore mark in worldwide gross at the box office on its fourth day. The big-budget science-fiction film directed by R. Ravikumar and featuring music composed by Academy Award winner A. R. Rahman is also being showered with praise for its VFX and grand scale, with the makers on Wednesday, January 17, releasing a video explaining the process of how a simple idea for the story was got developed into a full-fledged story, followed by the process of the pre-production and shooting of the film. 

In the video, we see director R. Ravikumar reveal that he first got the idea for Ayalaan in 2015 after the release of his first film, Indru Netru Naalai, explaining that it would focus on the relationship between an alien and a human being. He further goes on the state that he narrated the idea to Sivakarthikeyan saying that he would develop it further only if the actor liked it or would drop if it didn't interest him. We then see Sivakarthikeyan speak about how the theatrical experience of Indru Netru Naalai wa the main reason for his interest to make Ayalaan adding that Ravikumar's idea got him excited to be a part of a film of such scope. 

The Ayalaan making video also features A. R. Rahman, who highlighted director R. Ravikumar's conviction in his vision, while shedding light on the VFX in India over the last decade. Cinematographer Nirav Shah too shares that the film has been made on a big scale and hoped for people to watch it many years later for its VFX references in the future. Ayalaan 's VFX supervisor Bejoy Arputharaj further expressed his excitement at how much he wanted to bring to reality R. Ravikumar's vision and take it to the next level using computer graphics and visual effects while shedding light on the pre-visualization (pre-viz) process.

Art director T. Muthuraj is also seen talking about the alien character's designing process and how Ayalaan the team came up with the external characteristics of the character, with editor Ruben explaining how the pre-viz played an instrumental role in the overall editing process of the film. Director Ravikumar then goes on to talk about actor Siddharth coming on board Ayalaan to voice the alien character, who put in a lot of hard work over a 5-day period towards the end of the post-production stages. 

Watch the making of Ayalaan in the video below: