Popular Tamil serial actress Chitra, also known as, Chithu VJ, died by suicide on December 9 and her demise came as a shocker for the entire state of Tamil Nadu. Chitra was always known to be a fun-loving and a vibrant person and her decision to commit suicide shocked everyone. However, Chitra’s mother accused Hemnath to be one of the main reasons for her daughter’s death. Hemnath was Chitra’s husband and the duo had a registered marriage in October 2020. The couple was supposed to get married in a grand manner in the presence of celebrities from the television and film industry in February 2021.

Following a series of investigations, Hemnath was arrested by the Police and he is currently in Police custody. Hemnath has applied for bail, but it has not been granted yet. Meanwhile, in an unexpected turn of events, a new audio from the phone conversation between Hemnath and his friend has now been released and it has gone viral among the people. Hemnath is talking to his friend, Rohith who listens to the story behind Chitra’s death. This phone conversation has happened immediately after Chithu’s death and Hemnath is explaining what happened between them before the tragic incident.

Talking to Rohith, Hemnath says, “She was silent for most of the time and I knew that it was wrong to have left her alone for the show. I sensed it. I asked her if she danced with him and she said yes. I was disappointed and asked her why she had to do it. I went out of the room to smoke a cigarette. I was just near the room door. I called Chithu out and she said she will come. She came forward, but immediately locked the door and went inside. I kept banging on the door and the windows, but I couldn’t see anything. I could just hear sounds of her crying. When we opened the door with other keys, I saw her hanging in front of me,”.

This audio has now gone viral and people are sharing their thoughts about it. Hemnath’s friend Rohith has released this audio and has also volunteered to get justice for Chitra’s death in this case. Rohith says Hemnath was possessive about Chitra and was not happy with some of the romantic scenes in the Pandian Stores serial. He also adds that Hemnath abused Chitra both physically and mentally.