Earlier this morning (April 16), actor - comedian Vivekh suffered a heart attack and was rushed to SIMS Hospital in Vadapalani, Chennai. The news created a huge buzz on social media and it worried all the fans. Ever since the news came out, the whole film industry and the fans have been praying for the highly talented actor's speedy recovery. Several notable political personalities including Edappadi K Palaniswami, O Panneer Selvam, Vijaya Bhaskar, Udhayanidhi Stalin, and others have offered their prayers. Let us hope and wish that all of our prayers are answered. Vivekh had taken the Covid 19 vaccine yesterday (April 15) at Omandurar Hospital in Chennai and a certain section of people doubted if the cardiac arrest was a side effect of the vaccine.

This also created a confusion and sense of fear among the people to take the vaccine. However, Dr. J Radhakrishnan, Tamil Nadu Health Secretary, and the panel of Doctors at SIMS hospital have made an important clarification, stating that Vivekh's heart attack does not have any connection with the Covid 19 vaccine. Radhakrishnan and the doctors from SIMS hospital met the press and media at 5.30 PM and during the press meet, it was made clear that there is no connection between Vivekh's heart attack and his Covid vaccine. Following the press meet, the hospital management released an official statement regarding Vivekh's health condition and it was mentioned that his condition is critical.

According to the statement, he has undergone Angioplasty and the people have been requested to wait for 24 hours to know more about his health condition. The doctors also added that Vivekh was brought unconscious to the hospital at 11.00 AM in the morning. Currently, Vivekh is admitted to the ICU ward. The official statement from SIMS Hospital read, "Actor Padma Shri Dr Vivek was brought to the hospital in an unconscious state by 11:00 am, today to the emergency by the family members. He was resuscitated in the emergency room by specialists. Later he underwent Emergency Coronary Angiogram followed by Angioplasty. He is currently in critical condition on ECMO in the Intensive Care Unit. This is an acute coronary syndrome with cardiogenic shock. This is a separate Cardiac event. It may not be due to Covid vaccination,".

Check out the digital copy of the official statement here: