The smash hit Tamil serial Vani Rani that enjoyed a highly-successful run on Sun TV for a period of five years from 2013 to 2018 featured iconic actress Raadhika Sarathkumar leading the cast, with many other names as well coming to the fore. Among the artistes who came to prominence with the masses and the classes was actress Navya Swamy, who garnered a huge youth following and played the character Pooja Gowtham in Vani Rani. Since Vani Rani, Navya has worked in other languages, including the Telugu serial, Aame Katha, which had actor Ravi Krishna paired opposite her. 

Ravi Krishna had also garnered a big fan base after appearing as a contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu season 3, with his chemistry opposite Navya Swamy in the long-running Aame Kathe turning out to be a major USP and highlight. For a while now, there were speculations that Navya and Ravi Krishna were dating, which has been denied by them both. The two had also participated as guests on Sreedevi Drama Company, which saw them bond more with each other, with rumors rife since then that the two were planning on getting married soon. In that light, Navya and Ravi are set to appear as guests on a show called 100% Love this Sunday, with the Bigg Boss star dropping the announcement on his Instagram page, including a couple of pictures of them both, which have set fans talking once again about their relationship. 

It is worth recalling that both Ravi Krishna and Navya Swamy tested positive for coronavirus and made a quick recovery a few months back , while also sharing words of confidence to their fans in fighting the disease. In a video addressing her social media followers, Navya said, "I request all my friends who were in touch with me of late or people who were close to me in the past week to please isolate themselves or get the COVID test done if in case you see any symptoms as such. There is nothing to panicked about, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I know people talk all b*****t, so please don't give your ears to all the rumours. Stay away from negativity please." Navya also said, "Even at the worst case if you are tested positive there is nothing to be worried about. Stay strong, take it easy. All that you have to do is isolate yourself, stay away from people till that virus dies in you because that’s the only way we're gonna break the chain." Similarly, Krishna after testing positive for COVID-19 wrote, "Hello everyone just wanted to share the news that I'm tested COVID +ve. I have isolated myself since 3 days, but with your all blessings & God's grace I'm doing fine & have no symptoms. I don't want to worry about from where I picked it up. All that I want to say is whoever were in contact with me off late to please isolate yourself or get tested & act accordingly. I also request few of you not to stigmatise & discriminate people with virus. Please let me stay in good mental health, away from negativity and heal faster."