The recently released trailer of Ponmagal Vandhaal had something new, it said Jyotika’s name as the producer along with Suriya - “A Jyotika-Suriya production.” This is the first time 2D Entertainment has added Jyotika’s name in the production slide. When Galatta’s inhouse anchor Ashiq asked Jyotika if there is any special reason for adding her name in the production line for Ponmagal Vandhaal, her reply was: 
 Suriya's big surprise to Jyotika!
“It was a surprise for me to see my name a producer, actually the decision was made by Suriya and Rajasekar Pandian. But 2D denotes my children’s names, their first two letters (Dev and Diya) is what 2D stands for. But it was a big surprise for me to see my name. Rajasekar can answer this question better”  
 Suriya's big surprise to Jyotika!Suriya's big surprise to Jyotika!Suriya's big surprise to Jyotika!
Rajasekar Pandian’s reply - “Ashiq, the idea to add Jyotika’s name as a producer was initiated by Suriya sir, it is something that we have been talking for quite a while and Suriya sir felt it would be apt to use Jyotika’s name as producer in this film”