Comedian and character actor Soori, who has been staying indoors as per the 21-day lockdown announced by the Indian Government, has been releasing a video of his daily activities on his social media pages! He usually has some funny happening followed by a message. Along those lines, he has released a video today too! In this video, he is again seen spending time with his children Vennila and Saravana. The kids are watching some cartoons on TV and Soori is pleading with them for the remote! His daughter has a condition though!

Soori shares new funny video with message for parents

She agrees to give Soori the remote if he agrees to have makeup applied by the children. An exasperated Soori agrees and settles down to watch Superstar Rajinikanth's Darbar while his children work on his makeup! Only when they are done does he realise that they have tied his hair into a girly knot and applied funny makeup on him! He then chases his kids around the house to get back at them and the three end up having fun together! At the end of the video, Soori asks all parents to spend more time with their kids and earn their trust so that they too treat the parents as their friends and share everything with them! 

Soori shares new funny video with message for parents

Check out Soori's video here:


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