The past 2 days have been very bad for the state of Tamil Nadu, with both days recording in excess of 100 new cases of the COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus affected patients. April 28th (Tuesday) turned out to be the worst ever in terms of numbers, ever since the Corona Virus Pandemic broke out. Today (April 29th), there have been 104 new cases, of which Chennai alone has had 94. However, one of the most shocking developments in Tamil Nadu has been the rise of the number of children being affected by this Corona Virus. Today alone, 8 children under the age of 12, have tested positive for this deadly Virus. 

Shocking Children increasingly affected by COVID in Tamil Nadu

Till yesterday, the number of children below the age of 12, affected by the Virus stood at 121! Of the fresh cases today, also included is a 2-year-old girl. It was just yesterday that a 5-day-old baby tested positive for the COVID virus, in Chengalpattu district. The age group of 13-60 has the maximum number of infected people, with a total of 1788 while the number of people infected with the Virus above the age of 60, stands at 245. Parents have to take better care and ensure they stay safe to avoid spreading the Virus to the children and aged people at home. Also, for the time being, children should not be allowed to go outside and play and we have to follow all the safety guidelines issued by the government. Stay home, stay safe... Break the chain and flatten the curve!