The concept of social distancing is being practised by almost the majority of the people in the world as this seems to be the most effective method to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus. There are not many people can do to fight the Corona Virus, except for following the government's initiatives and keeping themselves clean, avoiding travelling in public and keeping themselves self-isolated as much as they can. Though the lockdown has been partially released in most of the Indian states, most people, especially the privileged section of people have still locked themselves inside their houses and with not much to do.

However, different people are using this downtime in different ways and most people are taking this time off to get in touch with their friends and catch up, though virtually. Though this has caused a lot of discomfort to many people, some are making the best use of this time to tap and identity their hidden talents. Shanthnu Bhagyaraj has in fact become a director during this lockdown. Yes, he has directed a shortfilm called Konjam Corona Naraiyya Kadhal which will feature Shanthnu himself along with his wife Kiki Vijay. Now check out this fun teaser: