Yesterday on the 14th of Ma, a section of media had reported that actor Radha Ravi has been quarantined at home after undergoing tests for Corona. Some reports even suggested Radha Ravi might have contracted coronavirus. This created a confusion among the public. Following that, Radha Ravi himself has now clarified and given a clear picture on the entire issue. He stated that he decided to self-isolate as a precautionary measure and there’s no truth to the speculations doing rounds. His statement reads as follows:

“There is a false news about me doing rounds, I have been getting calls from several well-wishers asking about my health. I thank all those people for their concern. Yes, I am quarantined, that’s something mandatory when you travel from one place to another during this lockdown crisis. They warned us even while issuing car pass that all of us need to be quarantined for 14 days. Only if we accept those conditions, we can travel across cities. I have a house here, and I am going to remain indoors for 14 days. I am very thankful to collector, health officers and inspectors who helped me travel from Chennai to Kotagiri. Even director Bharathiraja had to follow the same protocol, every one travels have been asked to follow the same rules, just because we are popular, the media have been carrying news about this. I am alright, I will come back to Chennai when the government releases lockdown and resumes shooting. I request all of you to be careful and follow government norms.”