Tamil film industry is in shock after freak crane accident that occurred at Indian 2 shooting spot yesterday night, taking away the lives of 3 members and leaving 9 others injured. The injured have been taking treatment at Savitha hospital. It is said that a massive crane fell on a tent at the shooting spot; Around 15 members from Indian 2 were inside the tent during the time of the accident, just when they realized the crane was going to fall, the crew noticed it and started to evacuate the tent. Unfortunately, 3 of the members couldn’t make their way out at the time of impact which caused their lives.  
 Indian 2Indian 2
Kajal Aggarwal was one of the last members to exit the tent, it was just a fraction of second that saved her life. Here is what the actress had to say about the accident - “Words cannot describe the heartache I feel at the unexpected, untimely loss of my colleagues from last night. Krishna, Chandran and Madhu. Sending love, strength and my deepest condolences to your families. May god give strength in this moment of desolation. #Indian2. In so much shock, denial, trauma from the monstrous crane accident last night. All it took was a fraction of a second to stay alive and type this tweet. Just that one moment. Gratitude. So much learning and appreciation for the value of time and life.” 
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