British actor Rory Kinnear has revealed that his sister Karina has passed away after a brief battle with coronavirus. Karina passed away in a hospital after testing positive for COVID-19 last week. She was 48. Due to the social distancing guidelines, Kinnear said the family bid their goodbyes to her over FaceTime and the telephone. Roy officially confirmed this news to the media - “My sister Karina has died at the age of 48. She tested positive for coronavirus early last week and it quickly attacked her stomach, her lungs and her kidneys. When she was admitted to hospital the carbon dioxide levels in her blood soon began to rise, a worrying sign.” 
Rory also added - "I played Karina one of her favourite songs and told her how proud I was to have been her brother and what gratitude I felt for what she had taught me about life. We had wanted to be with her together as a family and, under lockdown conditions and knowing my mother's strengths lie in areas other than navigating Zoom meetings it was as good as we could have hoped.” Rory Michael Kinnear is known for playing Bill Tanner in the James Bond films Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre and No Time to Die, and in various video games of the franchise. He is the youngest actor to play the role of Bill Tanner. We express our condolences to Rory and his family.