Gayatri Jayaraman is a well-known film actress who is now featuring in serials. She has appeared in predominantly Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam language films. She began her career playing both lead and supporting roles in Tamil television series. During a recent interaction with Galatta team, she spoke about Vijay and how he has changed over the years. It must be noted that she shared the screen space with Vijay in Vaseegara. 
Difference between Vijay during Vaseegara and now? 
“The Vijay I knew doesn’t talk much, he used to be very quiet, you wouldn’t even notice that is there in the sets that’s how silent he would be the entire time. He was always down to earth, someone who doesn’t have any assistants by his side. These days, even a new small-time aspiring actor has so many demands but Vijay even being a very big star never carried any attitude, he was so easy going and only talks during shots. He won’t make any unwanted comments, never bullies anyone. He was the nicest artists that I have ever worked with. Many heroes make heroines feel so uncomfortable while working, but Vijay makes you feel comfortable."
Should Vijay join politics? 
"I feel Rajini sir could have joined politics long back when he was at his prime. But I feel there is a right time for everything. Vijay on the other hand, of late, has not been talking politics much but he always talks like a leader with such command. I think it will be fantastic if Vijay joins politics, we need a new leader, I think that’s what the people are also expecting."
Why do you think Vijay said his competitor Ajith’s name during Master audio launch? 
"Maybe Vijay thinks Ajith as his friend and not as a competitor. In the place that Vijay is positioned right now, do you think he has any competition? Maybe Thala can share the pedestal with Thalapathy but after all these years, I don’t think they see each other as competition anymore." 
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