The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic continued its relentless rise all over the world on Sunday with Italy alone announcing 651 dead in a single day. That brings the total number of casualties in Italy close to 5,500. Globally, more than 13,000 people have reported being died because of COVID-19. An estimated 92,000 of the 304,500 people who contracted the disease globally have recovered. India, on the other hand, recorded its 7th death due to COVID-19. The total Corona cases rise up to 360 in India. The number is only likely to go up in the coming days despite many people isolating themself from socializing with the public.  
Only essential service workers like bankers, doctors, and media staffs have been asked to work in India. But even their lives are at stake. Few media workers have now been tested positive for COVID-19 in the US. Fox News confirmed a third and fourth case of coronavirus among New York-based Fox News Media employees six days after most staffs were asked to work from home. An internal memo from Fox News Media to their staffs reads as follows:  “We are continuing to take every necessary precaution and to follow every protocol which includes deep cleaning all surfaces these employees were in contact with, in addition to the daily sanitizing and disinfecting that has been performed multiple times a day throughout all areas of the building. We are fully supporting these employees and wishing them a speedy recovery. Again, we have been prepared for outcomes such as these and everything necessary has been activated to manage this situation.”