The COVID-19 Novel Corona Virus has been affecting people irrespective of age, caste or social standing and has been claiming lives mercilessly! It has now come to light that a 5 month old baby boy has made a miraculous recovery after being diagnosed with the Corona Virus. The baby - Dom, was diagnosed with the virus at the Pro Cardiaco hospital in Rio De Janeiro and was treated for over 54 days, of which he spent over a month on a ventilator, before being completely cured and discharged now! Dom's parents, who feel that his recovery is nothing short of a miracle, believe that he might have been exposed to the virus while on a visit to a relative's house.

5 month old baby recovers from COVID after 1 month on ventilator!

Initially, Dom was found to have some difficulty in breathing and was considered to be having a bacterial infection. However, when the medication did not work and he began getting worse, the parents took him to a different hospital where they tested him and found it to be the COVID. Brazil is said to be the epicentre of the Corona Virus in Latin America and has registered over 500,000 infections and nearly 30,000 fatalities, of which about 25 of them have been babies under the age of 12 months!