India is known to be a peace-loving country which doesn't entertain violence with its neighbours. However, this theory has often been taken for granted and our neighbouring countries have often transgressed by encroaching our land, crossing over from their borders. This holds good for both Pakistan and China, with Nepal joining these countries, in recent times. India and China have been involved in a bitter standoff along the Indo-China border in the Ladakh region, from March-April of this year. However, the situation escalated very highly after a skirmish between the armed forces of the two nations leading to casualties on both sides, in June. Talks are on in various levels between India and China but the situation still remains tense along the border!

The Monsoon Session of the Indian Parliament is currently underway and both the houses are in session. In today's session, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had some shocking claims while addressing the Rajya Sabha. He alleges that China is illegally occupying about 38,000 square kilometers of Indian territory, in the Ladakh region. This statement comes at a time when India and China are engaged in a standoff with neither side backing away. Rajnath Singh said, "China continues to be in illegal occupation of approximately 38,000 sq kms in the Union Territory of Ladakh." He also added, "In addition, under the so-called Sino-Pakistan ‘Boundary Agreement’ of 1963, Pakistan illegally ceded 5,180 sq km of Indian territory in PoK [Pakistan-occupied Kashmir] to China. China also claims approximately 90,000 sq kms of Indian territory in the Eastern Sector of the India-China boundary in Arunachal Pradesh."

Rajnath Singh also mentioned that respecting and observing the Line of Actual Control was a basic requirement for peace in the region but that only India has been following this while China has not. Talking about the clash in the Galwan Valley, he said, "One June 15, Colonel Santosh Babu, along with 19 brave soldiers made the sacrifice in Galwan Valley towards the cause of defending the territorial integrity of India." Touching upon the current situation, Mr. Singh said, "The amassing of the troops by China goes against the 1993 and 1996 agreements,” he added. “There are several friction areas in Eastern Ladakh including Gogra, Kongka La and North and South Banks of the Pangong Lake." Following this statement, oppositon leaders also expressed their solidarity with the Indian soldiers and the Central Government lead by Narendra Modi, in the ongoing conflict with China.