Actress Yashika Aannand's younger sister, Osheen took to her official Instagram page to share the latest health update on Yashika. Osheen informed that Yashika has regained consciousness and added that one of the surgeries has been successfully completed. However, it looks like Yashika remains critical and the next few days are going to be crucial. Osheen requested the fans to keep praying for her sister's recovery. Let us hope Yashika recovers soon and returns to normalcy.

Osheen Anand's official statement about Yashika's health condition read, "By God's grace Yashika is conscious and the surgery of her fractures are being done, we are thankful for your prayers and hope that you keep praying for her and her recovery as few days can be a critical stage for her. Your moral support is very important and crucial at this point for her physical and mental health too so please don't let it go down for her, we need our fighter yashika back and it cant be done without your support and ofcourse, the doctors". It is good to hear that Yashika is in the process of recovery and this update has come as a relief for the fans.

Yashika Aannand and her three friends met with a tragic accident in the wee hours of Sunday, July 25 and the incident created a huge buzz on social media. Yashika Aannand's car rammed into a barricade in the road and later crashed over the centre median. Yashika was severely injured and she was immediately rushed to the hospital. One of Yashika's close friends, Pavani Velicheti, unfortunately, passed away in the accident and her demise came as a shocker.

The accident took place in Sulerikadu, near Mahabalipuram. Following the accident, the Mahabalipuram Police filed a case and began their investigations. According to reports, three cases were filed against actress Yashika, but an official word regarding the same is awaited. For now, check out the official health update of Yashika Aannand here: