On the wee hours of Tuesday, August 3, actress Yashika Aannand opened up about the tragic accident that she met with, a few days before. Yashika and her three friends, while travelling from Mahabalipuram to Chennai, met with a tragic accident near Sulerikadu and the accident killed Yashika;s close friend, Pavani Velicheti. The incident created a huge buzz on social media. Yashika suffered severe injuries and was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The other two friends escaped with minor injuries. A few days before, Yashika's younger sister mentioned that Yashika has regained consciousness and it came as a big relief for the fans.

Following that, Yashika has now finally spoken about the accident that killed her best friend. Yashika sounded very emotional and dejected about the incident and added that she will feel guilty for the rest of her life. She also hoped for Pavani's family to forgive her. Yashika's heartfelt statement read, "I really can't express what I'm going through right now! I will forever feel guilty to be alive!! I don't know if I should thank God for saving me from that tragic accident or blame God whole my life for taking away my bestest friend away from me. I really miss u each second Pavani. I know you can never forgive me!! I'm really sorry. I put your family in such a horrible situation.

Just know I miss u each second and I'm forever guilty to be alive. Hope your soul rests in peace! I pray you come back to me!! Hope someday your family forgives me! I'll forever cherish our memories paw! I won't be celebrating my birthday and request all my fans also to not celebrate my birthday! Please pray for her family! God give them more strength. Biggest loss of my life. Please someday forgive me. I miss u. In my life, I never thought I would be the reason for u to not be with us today! RIP My beautiful angel. Love u abundantly!! And for everyone who has been praying for me. Love you all! I don't really wanna live but u guys give me hope. I'll be back soon! Tc".

Let us hope that Yashika gains the moral strength and support to overcome these testing times. This latest emotional post of Yashika has been garnering attention on social media.