Earlier in the day, we had reported a news about Mysskin’s shocking demands and conditions to continue working in Thupparivalan 2. However, VFF did not agree to Mysskin’s unreasonable demand and Vishal has himself decided to wear the directorial hat for the very first time. The first look of Thupparivalan 2 will be unveiled today evening. Vishal has now released an angry statement clarifying his stand on the issue that Vishal Film Factory is facing with Mysskin. Vishal’s tweet reads as follows - “The sole purpose of the statement is not to tarnish one's image but is only to make sure that nobody falls prey to such people especially Producers Seeking your blessings & wishes for my directorial debut & hoping to do the best as a Director #Thupparivaalan2 #VishalDirection1” 

Vishal’s statement on Mysskin ‘Thupparivalan 2 walk out’ controversy:  
What are the reasons for a Director to opt out of a film midway?  
Date: 11. 03.2020  
As a Producer I still wonder why does a Director, who specifically wanted to write the script in Canada and UK and spent the Producers money to the tune of close to 35 Lakhs for the above expenses including travel, accommodation etc.... after having started shoot without proper planning of location hunting, after having spent close to 13 Crores of INR.  
Why would a Director opt out of a Movie, midway ? As a Producer, I wonder, Is it because I didn't have the money to complete the film, No.  
Is it wrong if a Producer pin points the mistakes of a Director during the production of the film, for its betterment especially when close to 15 Lakhs INR per day was spent for a 3 to 4 hours of shoot in U.K. ? No.  
Is it wrong if a Producer requests whether we can shoot 2 scenes a day, or shoot day and night to bring down the cost of shoot ? No.  
I still wonder because it's as bad as you abandon your own kid in an orphanage....  
After all these wrong doings, is it right for the Director after stalling the shoot, incompleting the shoot on Dec 11, 2019, returning back to India on Jan 4, 2020, coming to VFF office on 1st week of Feb, 2020, saying he will not be part of the project ?  
Does the Director even remotely know the interest incurred and the troubles the Producer goes through to make ends meet during the process of film making ?  
Anyways, all for good, the only reason I give this statement is because I don't want any other producer, be it a veteran or a newcomer to go through what I went through during the shoot or what I am going through right now as a Producer.  
Most importantly, no Producer should go through such an ordeal. Thankfully knowing the nuances of film making, I decided not to abandon this project but to go ahead and direct the film myself and give my utmost best and release the film and make sure that this film reaches the expectations of everyone.  
The sole purpose of the statement is not to tarnish ones image but it is only to make sure that nobody else falls prey to such people especially Producers. It might be a public outcry, but it's time as the industry bleeds with all its short comings, I expect all producers, new and old, to know what a reputed production house like Vishal Film Factory (VFF) did go through during the shoot of Thupparivaalan 2.  
Seeking your blessings and wishes for my directorial debut and hoping to do the best as a Director.  
I am glad to reveal the first look of the film....God Bless !!  
For Vishal Film Factory