Tamil comedy actor Seshu of 'Lollu Sabha' fame passes away after health battle at 60, heartfelt condolences pour in

Tamil Comedy Actor Seshu Of 'Lollu Sabha' Fame Passes Away After Health Battle At 60, Heartfelt Condolences Pour In - Tamil Movie Cinema News
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Tamil actor Seshu, best known for his appearances on the smash hit Vijay Television comedy series, Lollu Sabha, passed away on Tuesday, March 26, in Chennai. The popular comedy actor had been admitted to the hospital in the city a few days back due to health issues. The news of Seshu's demise has come as a big shock to many in the Tamil film fraternity and fans, who have taken to social media to express their heartfelt condolences. Actor Redin Kingsley was one of the first leading Tamil cinema celebrities to share his grief at the news of Seshu's death and paid his tribute by posting a picture of the beloved Lollu Sabha star on Instagram. 


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Seshu rose to fame among Tamil audiences for his appearances in various roles on Lollu Sabha between 2005-2008. The show directed by Rambhala of Dhilluku Dhuddu (2016), Dhilluku Dhuddu 2 (2019), and Idiot (2022) fame served as a launchpad for many, including actor Santhanam, who has since become a leading name in Tamil cinema. Seshu, who garnered a fan following for slipping into the traits of any character on Lollu Sabha, has also inspired a number of memes on social media over the years, and is a testimony to his popularity among the youth. 

Seshu, who portrayed diverse roles on Lollu Sabha and was rated as one of the best comedy actors to come out of the show, has also made appearances in a number of Tamil films over the years. Among the roles in Tamil cinema that Seshu is well-remembered include the 'Thalapathy' Vijay-starrer Velayutham (2011) and alongside Santhanam in films A1 (2019), Parris Jeyaraj (2021), Dikkiloona (2021), Gulu Gulu (2022), 80s Buildup (2023) and Vadakkupatti Ramasamy (2024). Seshu's last major film appearances was in the recently released Santhanam-starrer Vadakkupatti Ramasamy, which went on to be well-received at the box office.