Jyotika’s speech at a recent award event created a controversy on social media. While people who understood the context of Jyotika’s intentions appreciated her, a section of people criticized her and demanded an apology from her for the speech. She asked people to donate money to Government hospitals and schools which lack infrastructure, as much as they donate for temples and gods. This speech created a controversy and the hatred/negative comments against her did not stop whatsoever.


Following that, Jyotika’s husband and actor Suriya has now come forward with an official statement regarding this controversy. In this statement, he said, “Jyotika's speech at an award event has now turned out to be a controversy in the media. A few people are offended by what she said. I would like to recall that spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda have also said the same in the past. There is a very popular saying that 'To serve mankind is to worship God' and people with good thoughts would have come across it surely.

jyotika suriya

We are so glad that we got a lot of support from people and media, even during this crisis situation due to Coronavirus. We are very much firm and stand by our words and it is a reflection of thoughts from the scholars and leaders, as well. 'Humanity transcends any religion' and that is what we are going to teach our kids. Whenever negative people spread hatred and defame us, we are supported by our friends, fans and well-wishers and they talk on behalf of us.

jyotika and suriya

Media houses have also handled the issue in the right manner. My heartiest thanks to all of them who have stood by us." Suriya’s statement has gone viral on social media, among the fans and it has earned good support from the people. Check out the statement here:

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