Som Shekar rose to fame after his participation in the recently concluded fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil. Som Shekar entered the Bigg Boss house as a relatively newer person but became a household name when he came out. Som’s calm and composed behaviour made him one of the most loved characters in the Bigg Boss house. Notably, he was the first finalist of this season. He entered the Bigg Boss finale by winning the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task. However, he was the first to be evicted among the five finalists, but he was quite happy with his journey and looked very glad. While talking to Kamal Haasan post his eviction, he mentioned that he expected to stay inside the Bigg Boss house only for around 50 days, but managed to become a finalist.

Meanwhile, a few videos of Som Shekar after coming out of Bigg Boss are now doing rounds on social media and are becoming viral among the masses. In one of the videos taken inside the caravan after Bigg Boss shoot, Som is seen having a funny and light-hearted phone conversation with his friend. Talking to his friend, Som says, “Thothutten Machan (I lost, mate)” and laughs about it. It is good to see him taking the eviction lightly and making fun of the topic. In another video, he is seen giving a warm welcome from his family members who are all smiles. Som also gets to reunite with his pet dog, Kuttu, about whom he always talked about, during the show.

Som is seen hugging Kuttu and his other family members and Gabriella, who became one of his closest friends, was also seen. Later, Som Shekar took to his official Instagram page to thank everyone for their constant support for the past 100 days. An emotionally moved Som wrote, “Thank you to each and every one of you! Thank you for supporting my beautiful journey in the Bigg Boss house. Thank you for voting for me. I hope you continue supporting me! Lots of Love. Som.”.

The talented MMA player and budding actor entered Bigg Boss for getting a breakthrough in his career and in a desire to restart his career afresh. We hope that the success of Bigg Boss would have indeed given him the confidence and strength to get things on the right path now. For now, check out the latest videos featuring Som Shekar here:


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