Meera Mitun and her controversial videos about Vijay, Suriya and others have not gone well with the majority, thereby creating an outrage on social media. The fans have been demanding an apology from Meera, but she has made it clear that she wouldn’t apologize for her videos. Veteran director Bharathiraja issued a statement yesterday (August 10) condemning Meera Mitun’s behaviour of trying to attain publicity through negative talks. Apart from talking about Vijay and Suriya and their families, Meera Mitun also defamed actress Sanam Shetty who is the titleholder of Miss South India 2016.

The budding actress has now sent a legal notice to Meera Mitun for defamation and it looks like Meera will have to face some legal consequences in the coming days. According to Sanam Shetty's legal notice, Meera Mitun had apparently posted a tweet alleging that Sanamm Shetty is having an illegal affair with a person named Ajit Ravi, thereby trying to defame her name in the society. An important point in Sanam Shetty’s legal notice states, "My client states that it has come to her notice on 10.08.2020 that you tweeted a concocted story in your twitter page alleging my client is having an illegal affair with one Mr.Ajit Ravi and also posted my client's photograph with another person Mr Joe Michael Praveen, which is highly ridiculous and malicious, further you termed my client as a criminal in your very same twitter post. This has been done with the clear intention of degrading my client's character, intimidating her and harassing her on social media platform which will adversely affect my client's reputation.

Sanam Shetty has further demanded an apology from Meera Mitun, failing which she (Sanam) will be filing a defamation case against her (Meera). Sharing the digital copy of the legal notice on Twitter, Sanam Shetty wrote, “My legal team has just issued Legal Notice to @meera_mitun for degrading my modesty and moral character with baseless allegations and name calling me as 'Criminal','affair' etc.Her apology is demanded failing which Defamation Case will be filed for damages caused to my reputation”.

Will Meera Mitun respond to these allegations soon? Well, we will have to wait and watch. Talking about Sanam Shetty, she was last seen playing a supporting role in Sibiraj's Walter and her next release in Tamil would be Maha which happens to be Hansika Motwani's 50th film. For now, check out Sanam Shetty’s tweet below: