'Rathnam': Vishal opens up on his "major altercation" with Red Giant Movies, says "Nothing good has come for any person who claims cinema is in their hands"

'Rathnam': Vishal Opens Up On His
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Leading Tamil actor Vishal's next film, Rathnam, directed by Hari is scheduled to open in cinemas worldwide on April 26. With promotions for the film underway, the Mark Antony (2023) star spoke about his conflict with Udhayanidhi Stalin's Red Giant Movies during an exclusive interview with Galatta. Vishal opened up on the problems with the production banner saying, "There was an issue with the release of Enemy during Diwali. I don't know whether Udhaya (Udhayanidhi Stalin) is aware about this or not. That can be discussed later. Meanwhile, I'll talk about what happened because this is something everyone knows. Yes, I had a major altercation with one particular person at Red Giant." He added, "Nobody has the authority to push away the release of a film. Nobody owns cinema. Nothing good has come for any person who claims cinema is in their hands. I didn't do this for me, but for my producer because he has paid interest. He's not a producer who will sit in an AC room and order other films to not be released. When we bring out our film, you tell us to postpone its release. We shed our blood and sweat, and you're sitting inside an AC room telling us to release the film later. Who gave you that authority? Have you leased the whole industry?' This is what I asked a certain individual. I'm the one who introduced this individual to Udhaya in 2006 after Sandakozhi." 

Vishal then claimed a similar incident happened once again during the release of Mark Antony. He said, "It wasn't acceptable to me what he was doing because my producer had spent 65 crores for Mark Antony. He had decided one and a half months back at the time that it should come out for Vinayagar Chathurthi on September 15. At this juncture, when he was told to not to release the film and postpone it, I got upset." He continued, "You asked me earlier whether I would get angry at the things happening in our society. I called him over the phone and said, 'Nobody has the right to tell my producer to release his film on another date. Who are you to say that? He's gotten a loan to make this film. He knows when to release the film. You release your film and I'll come out with mine. Let the people decide which film to watch. Is there any rule stating that only you should release the film and make money? You want us to keep looking at you earning sitting in an AC room and expect us to stand out under the hot sun?' I can't accept that. I then went ahead and released the film, and it became a success. The producer was benefited from it, Adhik got a good future, and I had a good victory. Had I kept quiet, the film would not have released." 

Vishal then declared that the same issues will crop up once again for Rathnam. He said, "There will be problems for Rathnam too. There will definitely be a conflict. Nobody has the guts to say this and this is the problem in this cinema industry. If all the producers gather the courage and unite, cinema will be on a different path. I always draw a line between business and cinema. Business is my toil. Nobody can take my hard work for granted. I cannot keep quiet for my producer. My producers must do well. Only if my producer comes good, he will be able to make films with actors like me."