Superstar Rajinikanth inching close to his 70’s but that’s just his age, he still is active like any 40-year-old. He has been acting in films back to back with hardly any rest. Debatably one of the biggest superstars of all time, Rajini still enjoys a huge fan base. Anything and everything that he does, becomes a headline. The actor who is currently busy shooting for his upcoming film Thalaivar 168 took some time to participate in a special episode of ManVsWild show hosted by Bear Grylls. Rajinikanth spent 5 hours with Bear Grylls at Bandipur Tiger Reserve forest near Mysuru district, Karnataka.  
 RajinikanthSuperstar Rajinikanth finishes shoot with Bear Grylls for Discovery ChannelR
The team is said to have shot in difficult terrain inside the forests. The Discovery Channel team had obtained permission to shoot inside the reserve for about 4 days and Rajni's portions were shot in a single day. Some reports set off panic amongst Rajinikanth's fans, stating that he had gotten injured during this shoot. However, it was later clarified that the Superstar just received some minor scratches from thorns in the forest. Few photos from taken after the episode were flooding the internet and now Bear Grylls himself has released a special promo from Rajinikanth’s episode. This only creates more curiosity for us to watch the entire episode. Bear Grylls even went on to say that Rajini's episode as one of his favourites, his tweets as follows: "Preparing for @Rajinikanth ’s blockbuster TV debut with an Into The Wild with Bear Grylls motion poster! I have worked with many stars around the world but this one for me was special. Love India. #ThalaivaOnDiscovery"
Check out the promo: