Popular Japanese Sumo wrestler Shobushi has died from health complications after contracting coronavirus. He was only 28 years old and had diabetes problem. Apparently, Shobushi developed a fever on April 4th but struggled to get treatment because of non-availability of facilities at the hospital which was all flooded with similar complaints from other potential patients. After being turned away by a few hospitals, Shobushi was only admitted to hospital on April 8. He was admitted only when he began coughing up blood and his symptoms worsened.  
After initially testing negative for the coronavirus, he later tested positive and was placed in intensive care April 19. He eventually lost the battle and died last Wednesday (May 13) of complications related to covid-19. He is reported to be the first person to die of corona from the sporting field. "He fought tenaciously against the disease, enduring the pain and suffering for more than a month like a sumo wrestler. We hope he will rest in peace now. We are very grateful to everyone in the medical institutes who treated him with utmost care." said Japan's Sumo Association in a statement.